Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Victrix 28mm : Waterloo english troops


Yesterday, I finally decided to go at my miniature shop in Paris. They have only very few 15mm napoleonics but in case of... So, I had a discussion with the boss, and he explained me that they were definately stopping 15mm napoleonics as they could not be delivered correctly. Their last order make it's path to their shop in 4 monthes, and half the order was missing. It's more they can support in front of their customers. Same reason why they will stop making AB miniatures. Also, there is lower interest about 15mm napoleonics, so in our business only world, this is perhaps part of the core reason.

Too bad, but not their fault...

Anyway, he show me some new stuff he had, and I immediately go totally nuts about it.

I am speaking about VICTRIX 28mm hard plastic miniatures. Those are real gems, so I bought the last box he had in store (they were all gone in five days...). It is far being the 15mm austrians I was searching for, but for about the same price of an AB batallion I have 56 28mm miniature of wonderfull quality and dynamicity, with very natural march/attack poses and quite unlimited postures due to the clever part assembly. Today I plan to post a review of those and obviously to start working on them. In the meantime, feel free to dream by having a look at their masters on their website.

Stay tuned...



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