Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Basing PR&FR - 6 mm - What was done on January 2021


As a follow up about the few past weeks, here is the status of on-going Prussians and French, finally based, and so done.

As an introduction, here they are :

From top left, to bottom righ are : 2 PR Uhlan Rgt (1st and 3rd), 3 Landwehr batallions (PR), 1st Rgt des Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde (FR), and 3 batallions of grenadiers from la Vieille Garde (FR).

Before insights, here is how I based them.
I have very (I mean, really very) few place for this hobby.
That is the reason why I practice it by sessions.
Anytime, I need to get anything cleaned and prepared, then anything put back in place (and cleaned as well).
That "entry" ticket cost me about 15 minutes on each side.
So, I qualify and plan what to do, prepare a volume so not to spend more time setting/un-setting than really working, then... I start a session.

This session was based on the following :

Enough minis on their bags, enough bases, glue and some basic tool... so let's go.
Baccus strips are 4 minis per strip. I base 2x3 minis in two rows per base.
So, cutting is obviously needed.
But as a first step, strips bases need to be flatten because of "melting spots(?)" that could remain and painting temporary basing glue residues.

Obviously I do that as well before initial painting temporary basing, but now, up to base mini by mini sometimes, I pay a special attention so that each mini have a perfectly flat basement. It's easier, and safer, to do this with a strip rather than on individual detached minis. Also, take extreme care : Just slide gently the strips on the tool : hold them firmly but smartly, don't break anything !

I cut the bases as small as possible while preserving mini attach points to its' basement. So each strip is reduced to three minis strips, and I obviously keep the fourth one.

When basing, I always start by "the fourth" minis, the ones that are alone, and put 3 of them on the rear rank. This way, I may position them gently, not being in trouble with a front rank that would not let finger room for alignment. Front ranks are always the three "survivors" of the original strip. I glue them at a second step, as such :

The glue I use to set them in place is a basic (but really good) gel glue from Scotch (the green one - see first picture). It perfectly does the job for years and is not expensive.
Once minis are in place, I use white glue to seal them and flock.
I put a somewhat thick layer (very slightly diluted) on the base with an old brush.
Then I flock.
As it will dry, all minis will be sealed one to each other, reinforcing the overall solidity of the base.

For flocking, I use basic wood sawdust. On the picture it seems brown, but in fact it's green. (Mobile camera used)
Go to a place where they cut wood, be polite and gentle, ask accordingly and then you should get enough of it for 10 years.
Tint it with basic acrylics of various bright browns, green, and yellow (and mixes), let it dry (to avoid moisture), then you are done.
Don't forget the tip for the guy behind the saw...

You may find better "dedicated" basing flocking material, obviously, but it is expensive and for the size of the bases I deal with it is not justified on my side.

So, after all this "blabla", some closer pictures.
First the Prussians :

Then La Vieille Garde :

And finally les Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde :

Do not hesitate to comment or share you way for basing.

Thanks for reading,
Cheers and take care.


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