Thursday, March 12, 2009

Austrian - German inf. 1809 - OG15 ANG01 + ANG02

After more than one month of inactivity, let's share some of the job I did in the meantime on my napoleonics Austrians.
As a reminder, one of the obectives I have with this blog is to contribute to the wargamming community by providing pictures and reviews of minis. IMHO, there is nothing more frustrating that buying something without having a single clue of how it looks.

Click on the pictures to have a biger view (width is no more than 800px).

Please, don't be too hard about the painting, as all those miniatures are fast-painted for wargaming purpose (about 1:30 hour for 2 regiments).

This first post will present OldGlory 15's german infantry with helmets. I have built up two packs : ANG01 (German infantry with helmets - March attack) for the troops and ANG02 for the command. From those two packs, I could create 6 regiments @ 12 miniatures per stand. I still have two commands remaining, plus 4 troopers. Pack content is "around" 50 minis for troopers (had 52 in my pack) and "around" 5 mounted officers plus 8 foot commands (1 std. bearer + 1 officer + 1 drummer + 1 NCO) for the command pack. At least, it was what I had in my command pack.

So it means that a stand/regiment costed around $4.85, from OG15's price list, not including delivery.

The mounted command :

In the command pack (ANG02) were 5 mounted officers, of three different kind. As well, there was three different kind of horses. Obviously, this composition can vary from pack to pack. Here are some pictures of those I had.

Now, few details :


For the infantry, I use 5x5 (cm) stands with 12 figures in 3 ranks. The reason why is that I like the formation effect of having 12 figures on a stand. Also, it let having empty room in front and at the borders so to avoid that firing or "gesting" figures make storing and moving the bases a nightmare. (i.e. having the bayonets broken by constantly touching other bases back minis)
Those are fine to use with V&B, and with some ammendments, can be used as well with DBN.

The first rank is made from command pack (ANG02 - 4 minis) as the two other ranks are made of trooper pack (ANG01 - 8 minis)

Flags are from the wonderfull napflag site.

Here are the pics of the six stands I realized with those two OG15 references :

Conclusion :

I had hesitation taking those miniatures at OG15, because searching for some infos, I could not find pictures and only found somewhat bad feedback. However, I took the risk and am now very happy I did so. I am very pleased with those miniatures. They are dynamic, there are numerous various positions, they are well cast and paint easily having crisp raised details. No doubt the next german infantry regiments I will build will be made with those references.

I hope those pictures will help you make your mind about those minis. If I could have seen such it would have helped me a lot (jay (cool guy from OG15) probably remember my harrassment for having pictures ;-))

Review material by courtesy of my VISA card.


  1. I used to feel the same way about Old Glory figures. Unsure whether to get them or not because of all the bad rap I have read on them. I am very satisfied with my OG British Napoleonics now.

    I like the paintwork on the footsloggers! I have some Spanish on my own blog you should check out.

  2. Hi Otto,
    Thanks for the comment.
    From all OG15 I have, the only pack that really was a deception was a russian artillery limber reference, and perhaps also a russian infantry reference that had only one position for all minis.

    I checked your spanish and they are fine. I have no peninsula troops yet, but that could be another project later on.