Friday, November 20, 2009

Victrix mod. - Brothers in arms / part II

Here is a little update about the "brothers in arms" project, which first part can be read here.
So far, the wounded's modifications are complete. The helping comrade as well as the knelt one are 90% complete. Do not worry of the unevenness (?) on the green stuff. At time of picture it was drying a bit as I prefer to flaten it when it has start to dry.

(fr) Une petite mise à jour de mon projet "frères d'armes", dont la première partie peut être lue ici.
Actuellement, les modifications du blessé sont complètes. Ses deux camarades sont finis à 90%. Ne prétez pas attention à l'aspect "non lisse" du green stuff. Au moment de la photo il séchait car je préfère toujours lisser les surface lorsqu'il est un peu sec.

First, here is a global view of the idea. I made some modifications on the helping comrade as his left leg had not a natural position. I modified it so the foot lies naturally on its side to the ground, even if this is not obvious from the small size of this setup trying base.

(fr) Primo, une vue globale de l'idée. J'ai modifié la jambe gauche du camarade allongé, car je trouvais que sa position n'était pas naturelle. Même si ce n'est pas évident du fait de la petite taille du socle de test, le pied repose naturellement sur le sol via son coté interne.

Now a view from the rear. I decided to create the arm of the helping comrade on the wounded. As I want to paint them separately, adjustement was not so easy so to fit perfectly the helping comrade body, but I am somewhat happy with the result.

(fr) une vue de dos. J'ai décidé de créer le bras du camarade couché directement sur le blessé. L'ajustement n'a pas été évident, car les deux figurines seront peintes séparément, mais à priori, c'est pas trop mal...

On this view we see another change. Originately, the helping comrade was giving water to the wounded as the knelt one was worrying. Unhappily, by changing the foot position of the helper, the hand is now too close from the body of the wounded. So I decided that it would be the knelt one that would propose his water to them.

(fr) Ici une autre modif. A l'origine, le soldat tenant le blessé dans ses bras devait lui donner de l'eau. Malheureusement, en changeant la position de ses pieds et sa jambe gauche, sa main se retrouve bien trop prés du corps du blessé pour tenir une gourde. J'ai donc décidé que ce serait le soldat agenouillé qui tendrait la sienne.

Here is a close-up of the wounded, and especially the arm of his helping comrade to sustain his head.

(fr) Ici, une vue rapprochée du blessé, et plus particulièrement du bras de son camarade lui soutenant la tête.

Here, a close-up of the other side.
I especially like the Victrix faces that are so expressives...

(fr) Ici une vue rapprochée de l'autre côté.
J'aime tout particulièrement l'expression que Victrix donne à ses visages...

Here is the "helper". I have recreated his side bag, and will have to add a water can as well. Ignore the un-even looking of the green-stuff. From time the picture was taken, it have been corrected.

(fr) Ici, le camarade allongé. J'ai recréé sa besace, et devrait lui rajouter une gourde. Ignorez l'aspect non lisse du Green Stuff. Depuis les photos, cela a été corrigé.

A front view of the same.

(fr) le même vu de face...

This time from back. I tried recreating the uniform details, but am not so happy with the result. I will probably work on it a bit more.

(fr) Cette fois ci, de dos. J'ai essayé de recréer les détails de l'uniforme, mais je trouve pas le résultat franchement génial. J'aurais probablement à retravailler un peu ça.

So, here we are. Next step is to finish the green stuff experience, and go to painting. I always find it difficult to make it's mind on how the green stuff details will render while painted. Probably the lack of experience.

(fr) Et voilà. Prochaine étape, finir l'expérience "green stuff", et attaquer la peinture. J'ai toujours trouvé difficile de s'imaginer ce que donneront les détails réalisés au green stuff une fois la mini peinte. C'est très probablement dû à mon manque d'expérience.

Hope you enjoyed,

(fr) A+,



  1. I am looking forward to seeing these painted.


  2. Hi John,

    Waked up soon this morning, I could paint the two soldiers on the ground. I thought it was not justifying a post, but well, a blog is a diary and I saw a lot of things from painted minis, I did not realized on the "greeny thing".

    I removed my previous comment, and will start the post right now.

    Thanks for your support,


  3. wake woke woken
    kneel knelt knelt

    Love them! How easy is it to use the green stuff?

  4. Lord Hill,

    As a Frenchie, I like when French langage is corectly used. As well, as a Frenchie I am somewhat fluent in spoken English but it's far being my natural langage and I suppose my written english clearly reveal it, so thanks for the gramatical notice : If I was natural english those errors would not please me as well.

    I will try editing past posts by tomorrow.

    Regarding green stuff, it require technic I currently do not master completly. I don't use it fresh, always wet my tools with water and think working small layers at a time is a good practice. About the mix, I use 50/50 mix for the "filling" in the first steps, then use about 30/70 (blue/yellow) for finishing layers. This means good results will require time (it have to dry between layers) but I somewhat thik it is the good direction. Now, this being said, I am still learning how to use it, so there are probably better advices to listen to.

    Hoping my grammar was not too awfull on that one,