Saturday, November 28, 2009

Victrix mod. - Brothers in arms / part IV & end.


So, it's done ... This time, lot of pictures and few text. Being happy with the result I took the time to work a bit on the pictures. At time I took them flogking was not sealed yet, so there is few flocking on the minis, but the last 2 pictures (proof of size, this is VICTRIX's 28mm, not 54mm) were taken this morning, so they are clean. As well the last picture is a bit huge, as it is a big closeup (1674 x 1322 / 650Kb). Enjoy...

(fr) Voici le résultat... Cette fois ci, beaucoup d'images et peu de texte. Vu que je suis assez content du résultat, j'ai fait un petit effort de présentation. Au moment où j'ai pris les photos, le flocage n'était pas encore fixé. Il y en a donc quelques brins sur les minis, mais les 2 dernières photos ont été prises ce matin et donc sont OK (preuve de taille, ce sont bien les VICTRIX 28mm, pas les 54mm). Idem, la dernière image est un gros plan "costaud" non retravaillé (1674 x 1322 / 650Ko). Maintenant, assez parlé, voici les images....

The two following pictures intend to give an order of idea of the scale. The "diorama" is on the top of a french magazine (A4), and you can see a Euro cent, that is fairly the same size than US cents. The seconde picture is a closeup. Those two pictures have not been rectified except light balance (as I always shoot in RAW mode), and realignment for the second one.

(fr)Les deux images suivante donnent une idée de l'échelle. Le "diorama" est posé sur le dernier numéro de "gloire et empire" (excellentissime, dailleurs... Tout Austerlitz sur 92 pages...), un magazine au format A4, et le cent donne le la. La seconde photo est un (très) gros plan. Ces deux photos n'ont pas étés rectifiées excepté pour la balance des blancs (je prends toujours en RAW) et le recadrage de la seconde.

WARNING : The following picture have a size of 1674 x 1322 pixels for 650Kb.
(fr) ATTENTION : La prochaine image a une taille de 1674 par 1322 pixels pour 650Kb.

So, as a conclusion to that first real transformation, I didn't find it too difficult, learned a lot, and think I will make some more in the future... I have tons of ideas, and also need more practice before giving a go to Perry's Cuirassiers... :-)

(fr) En conclusion de cette première vraie transformation, je dirais ne pas l'avoir trouvée trop difficile, en ai appris beaucoup, et pense que d'autres suivront dans l'avenir... J'ai des tonnes d'idées mais ai besoin de pratiquer un peu avant de m'attaquer aux Cuirassiers de Perry... ;-)





  1. Vraiement très sympa. J'aime beaucoup. Bravo

  2. They did come out very nicely.


  3. Thanks.
    I'm quite happy with them and will give other tries on mod projects I have, but later : next project will be back to 6mm and pure wargamming stuff.
    I have some Austrians and French to build...

  4. Amazingly detailed and beautiful work, inspiring, I have been thinging about doing a diarama with some of my vitrix models. Now i know i will. i did a test paint on my first 28mm Napoleonic figure, come on over and see what you think. Would love any comments from someone who has real skill.

  5. Hello Galpy,

    I just had a look at your web site and what I have seen was pretty cool... From your AB minis to your FoW diorama, you have lot of cool stuff by there. Thanks for your comment, and don't hesitate to give your Victrix british infantry a second try.

    By the way, "tenue de service d'été" means "summer campaign dress" ;-).



  6. Very inspiring, and wonderfully painted. I just aqquired a shakey "snow ball" and have been toying with the idea of an 1812 diorama- you have now convinced me!